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My Second Story Has Been Published [May. 2nd, 2013|11:19 pm]
Lore volume 2.3, printing my latest story "And He Cried, 'No Hiding Place!'" was released Tuesday. Go purchase a copy, if you can spare the cash.
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Modern Day Vampire [Mar. 21st, 2013|12:55 am]
With a post-modern quip
He makes with the grip
and takes an erotic sip
of your blood
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I Sold Another Story! [Feb. 13th, 2013|09:45 pm]
I just heard back from Lore tonight - they've purchased my story, And He Cried, "No Hiding Place!"

I'm psyched!
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I Received My Check From Lore Today [Dec. 20th, 2012|11:08 pm]
The money Lore owed me for my story _Lost in Darkness_ was waiting for me when I got home from work. The journey I started back in January, when Lore first accepted my story, is now complete.

Now I have to see if I can sell another story. Any punk can get lucky once.

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I Received My Contributor's Copy Today [Dec. 4th, 2012|11:39 pm]
It feels surreal, actually having a copy of a magazine that has published a story of mine - and actually paying me a pro rate for it to boot.
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Lost In Darkness Is Finally Out! [Nov. 17th, 2012|11:03 pm]
My first story _Lost In Darkness_ has finally been released!


Big, big grin on my face tonight. :D
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Writing This Or That [Aug. 13th, 2012|08:24 pm]
The Bad News: Once again, I did not get pass the slush reader at F&SF. He didn't even finish the story, if what someone at the F&SF forums said about how they word their rejection slips is true. Oh well, I didn't really expect much from that market. I've just sent my story back out again, this time to Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

The Good News: I got my contract from Lore today, and Sean O'Leary informed me my story should be published in late September. I'll be mailing the signed contract tomorrow.
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Sold Story Update [Aug. 9th, 2012|09:02 pm]
I just got the galley for my story _Lost In Darkness_, and was told by Sean O'Leary that the contract should be coming soon.

I'm one step closer to getting published (and paid)!
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New Story Prepped For Submissions [Aug. 5th, 2012|08:38 pm]
Just finished the last revision on my latest original story and have reformatted it for submission. I just need to type up a market-specific cover letter and I'm ready to go.

Right now, I plan on submitting to following markets in this order:

1. Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction: I don't have high hopes, but their turn around, if they are not interested, is only one week, so it's worth the shot.

2. Beneath Ceaseless Skies: Not certain about this one, but they are sword & sorcery friendly.

3. Lore: The market where I sold my first story. I think I have a high chance of selling my new story to them, since it concerns the same main character, but they are only twice yearly and I don't want to flood them.

After that, we'll see how it goes.
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Mandy DeGeit vs The Braindead Editor [May. 16th, 2012|03:02 am]
This has been talked about and posted on LJs and Blogs far more notible than mine, but I thought I'd mention it here for my friends. Aspiring writer Mandy DeGeit talks about her horrible experience with an allegeded editor suffering from delusions of grandeur (in that he thinks he is an accomplished editor and writer, where simple observation shows that he has but a very passing acquaintance with written English). Ms. DeGeit subbmitted a story to this clown's anthology, a for-the-love market that doesn't even pay bloody contributor copies, only to have it suffer through unauthorized revision and rewriting. This guy, Anthony Giangregorio, is so inept, he can't even correct an error he introduced into the title of the story.

I'm ashamed that I live in the same state as this yahoo.

Read about it here: http://mandydegeit.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/when-publishing-goes-wrong-starring-undead-press/
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